Sudan interested in Russian military assistance, foreign minister says

15 July 2021

Sudan is interested in Russia's military assistance and joint infrastructure development, this is one of the reasons why the country is going to set up a Russian naval station there, the country's Foreign Minister Maryam al-Mahdi told RIA Novosti.

"We are interested in military assistance. As well as civilian. And in working on infrastructure," al-Mahdi said, answering a question to RIA Novosti about the country's interest in establishing a Russian Navy logistics point.

"We very much welcome the cooperation between Sudan and Russia. And we hope that this agreement (on the establishment of the point) will open up strategic cooperation between Sudan and Russia," she said.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin submitted for ratification to the State Duma an agreement between Russia and Sudan on the creation of a logistical support point for the Russian Navy.

The agreement to establish a Russian naval station in Sudan became known in November 2020, according to the document, the maximum number of personnel of the naval station, whose work is carried out by forces and means of the Russian side, will not exceed 300 people. No more than four Russian ships will be able to stay there at the same time.



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Photo: Russian Foreign Ministry

Based on materials from RIA Novosti