UAE registers coronavirus vaccine Sputnik V

21 January


The UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention has approved a Russian vaccine against coronavirus Sputnik V  under an accelerated procedure, the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) said in a statement.

"The RDIF announces the approval of a Russian vaccine  Sputnik V  by the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention. The Sputnik V vaccine has been registered in the UAE under an accelerated procedure based on the results of Phase III clinical trials in Russia with more than 33,000 participants," the fund said.

Phase III clinical trials are currently ongoing in the UAE under the supervision of the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention and the Abu Dhabi Department of Health with the participation of 1,000 volunteers. Medical protocols are being processed by Abu Dhabi Health Services Company, SEHA.

"The UAE is one of Russia's key partners in the Middle East. We appreciate the cooperation with the UAE regulatory authorities and welcome the approval of the Sputnik V vaccine. The RDIF is committed to helping the UAE gain access to a safe and effective Russian coronavirus vaccine based on a proven and well-studied human adenovirus vector platform. The decision to include Sputnik V in the UAE national vaccine portfolio is an important step to protect the population with one of the world's best vaccines," Kirill Dmitriev, head of the foundation, said in the report.

The clinical trials in the UAE are being carried out thanks to the cooperation of the RDIF with the Aurugulf Health Investment Fund and Pure Health, partners in the distribution of the vaccine. Since the research began, 1,000 volunteers have received the first shot of the vaccine, which was an important milestone for approval of the vaccine under the fast-track procedure.

The vaccine has already been registered in Argentina, Bolivia, Serbia, Hungary, Algeria, Palestine, Venezuela, Paraguay, and Turkmenistan under a similar emergency use authorization. Sputnik V is also registered in Russia and Belarus. The vaccine will be supplied to the UAE by international partners of the RDIF in India, China, South Korea, and other countries.


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Photo: Mikhail Japaridze / TASS

Based on materials from RIA Novosti