Algeria is working on the possibility of producing the Sputnik V vaccine

09 February 2021


Algeria shows great interest in localizing the production of the Russian vaccine against coronavirus Sputnik V and is currently solving technical issues, including the selection of equipment after receiving information from the Russian side, Russian trade representative to Algeria Ivan Nalich told RIA Novosti.

Algerian Minister of Pharmaceutical Industry Lotfi Ben Bahmed said on February 2 that Algeria was ready to start production of the Russian Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine in two months if raw materials were available. The minister also claimed that Russian specialists will come to Algeria to assess the capabilities of local production, according to him, Algerian specialists will also make a visit to the Russian Federation. The Minister said that the work to study the production of the vaccine has lasted for a month and a half through videoconferences, there was an exchange of ideas between specialists to transfer the technology.

Commenting on this message, the trade representative noted that "Algeria shows great interest in organizing the production of the Sputnik V vaccine on its territory. Representatives of Algeria's Ministry of Pharmaceutical Industry and Frater-Razes, one of Algeria's largest pharmaceutical companies, held a series of talks with the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) to discuss the details of the project, he said.

"So far this issue is at the discussion stage. Having received initial data from the Russian side, the Algerian company is now selecting the necessary equipment. The timing of the start of production will depend on how quickly it will be able to receive and set up equipment and train specialists. The Trade Representation and the RDIF provide the Algerian side with the necessary assistance," Nalich said.

"Now the Algerian side is solving the technical issues. The whole process of launching vaccine production in Algeria can take from 6 to 9 months. On the other hand, given how quickly the Algerian regulator registered the vaccine, support at the state level could give additional impetus to the process," Nalich said. Algeria was the first African country to register the Russian vaccine.

Nalich emphasized that in terms of Sputnik V vaccine production, the Russian side is actively building cooperation with foreign partners that already have the necessary production base, qualification, trained personnel and experience. "Currently there is no vaccine production in Algeria. However, we hope that the Algerian pharmaceutical industry will be able to establish such production in the shortest possible time, having received the necessary information from the Russian side," Nalich noted.

As for the possible exchange of delegations, Nalich noted that the Algerian side was interested in an exchange of visits of technical specialists, but at this stage for a number of reasons it is difficult to implement.

A vaccination campaign began in Algeria on January 30, using the Sputnik V vaccine. The vaccination is free for all population groups.



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Based on materials from RIA Novosti