Deputy Foreign Minister of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Russia plays a major role in the OIC

24 November

Waleed bin Abdul Karim, Deputy Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia, said that one of the main tasks today is to strengthen dialogue between the representatives and followers of different religions. It is full cooperation and mutual understanding that are important means to consolidate peace.


In his speech at the GSV plenary session, the deputy minister noted the importance of holding such events: "We hope that this meeting will not only strengthen the ties between the peoples and religions, but will also allow to realize new initiatives, directed on strengthening of our mutual relations. For our part, we also seek effective international dialogue. We have a number of initiatives which are being implemented through the King Abdulaziz International Center. Our relations develop on the basis of mutual understanding and coordination of joint efforts in solution of common problems, development of political, cultural and other spheres for the sake of prosperity of both states".


Speaking about Russia's role in the relationship with the Islamic world, Waleed bin Abdul Karim noted the importance of Russia's status as an observer in the OIC. The speaker also expressed hope for the further development of mutually beneficial cooperation.

Summing up his speech, Waleed bin Abdul Karim pointed out one of the main challenges facing Russia and the Islamic world: to confront modern challenges in order to solve them on the basis of multilateral consent and reduce tensions at the regional and international levels.



Ilmira Gafiyatullina