In Mali, activists of the 5 June protest movement were released from prison

20 August 2020

Created by the rebels in Mali, the so-called  National Committee for the Salvation of the People released on Wednesday activists of the anti-government Movement of June 5 - Rally of Patriotic Forces (M5-RFP), the news portal Malivox reports.

Those released staged a demonstration in the center of the capital, Bamako, traveling in police cars. Among released is one of the leaders of the M5-RFP, Usman Mamadou Traore.

The Movement of June 5 - Rally of Patriotic Forces was created in June by Imam Mahmoud Dicko, who studied in Saudi Arabia. The first anti-government demonstration he called in Bamako on June 5, the largest in recent years, attracted tens of thousands of people. At the initiative of Dicko, two more major demonstrations were held in the capital - on June 19 and July 10. Its participants demanded the resignation of the country's President, Ibrahim Boubacar Keita, the creation of a government of national unity, and the dissolution of Parliament.

The campaign, held on July 10, turned into riots, during which opposition activists set fire to the Parliament building, occupied part of the premises of the state TV company, seized offices, blocked roads and bridges. Up to a hundred activists were detained and convicted of violence. They are now free.

In Mali, the first reaction of the M5-RFP to the military's removal of the country's President from power became known. "We took this news with relief," one of the leaders of the movement told the Malivox portal.

The opposition in Mali will collaborate with the rebels on the transition process

The Malian anti-government M5-RFP  on Wednesday announced its intention to work with the military that seized power in the country to ensure a political transition, Agence France-Presse reports with reference to the statement of the opposition coalition.

The M5-RFP stressed that they would be engaged in "developing an action plan, the content of which will be coordinated with the NCSP (National Committee for the Salvation of the People, a body formed by the rebels) and all the forces of the country."

M5-RFP leaders hailed the military's coup, which "ended the struggle to remove [from power] President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita." The opposition "took note" of the commitment of the rebel-created NCSP to "start a civil political transition".

The Committee of putschists in Mali said that no one was killed during the uprising

No one was killed during a speech by Mali's military on Tuesday that resulted in the arrest of the President, Prime Minister and members of the government, Ismael Vahe, a spokesperson for the NCSP said speaking at a military base in Kati (near Bamako). The speech was broadcast on the Malijet information portal.

"As a result of the events, no one was killed. This is despite some claims that four people were allegedly killed and 10 were injured, " he said.

In his statement, Vahe particularly welcomed the "determination of the Malian people, their commitment to democracy". "Long live the National Committee for the Salvation of the People! Long live a sovereign, democratic country! Long live Mali!", said the press secretary of the NCSP.

Observers noted that Vahe did not mention the President and members of his government, who have been under arrest since Tuesday. International and regional organizations are demanding their immediate release for the second day in a row.

Putschists in Mali called on the population to stop acts of vandalism

The National Committee for the Salvation of the People, created by the rebels in Mali, calls on the population to return to their business, Vahe said.


"We call on the population to go about their business and resume their activities," he said. In addition, the Committee invited officials to go to work on Thursday, August 20.

The military assured Malian citizens that "all measures have been taken to protect people and property, as well as working places." The NCSP called for "an immediate end to acts of vandalism and destruction of public buildings." According to Vahe, "all measures will be taken in strict accordance with military discipline against any person in uniform caught in an act of extortion."


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Photo: AP Photo / Mohamed Salaha / TASS

Based on materials from TASS