Indonesian police to bring in ringleaders of criminal groups to control the wearing of masks

15 September 2020

Law enforcement agencies in Indonesia intend to attract the leaders of major criminal groups to monitor compliance with the rules to combat the spread of the coronavirus, According to the Jakarta Post on Tuesday, this plan was presented in Parliament by the Deputy head of the National police, Gatot Pramono.

"We do not employ them, but simply attract reputable leaders for certain tasks to prevent the spread of the pandemic," the police officer explained. According to him, "it is no secret that certain areas of activity, such as markets, parking lots, are controlled by mafia structures, so they can also ensure compliance with certain rules there." In particular, we are talking about wearing protective masks and maintaining social distance.

At the same time, the Deputy head of the police stressed that "law enforcement officers and military personnel will ensure that members of criminal groups do not violate human rights when monitoring residents."

Over the past few weeks, Indonesia has seen a steady increase in the number of infected people, as well as deaths from complications caused by the coronavirus. The worst situation is in Jakarta, where strict socio-economic restrictions have been re-imposed since Monday. In total, more than 221 thousand cases of COVID-19 infection have been confirmed in the country since the pandemic, and more than 8.8 thousand people have died.


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Based on materials from TASS