Media: Bodies from Khan Younis Mass Grave Show Signs of Organ Removal

26 April

Medical and rescue workers who were involved in removing the bodies of civilians from a mass grave discovered at the Nasser Medical Complex in Khan Younis town in the Gaza Strip have reported the discovery of signs indicating the removal of internal organs from the deceased. This information was provided by the Palestinian agency WAFA.


According to WAFA, some bodies were found with their hands tied and their abdominal cavities sewn up, raising suspicions of organ theft. The bodies were wrapped in black and blue shrouds made of plastic and nylon, which differ in color from the shrouds typically used in Gaza. Emergency officials believe this may have been done to raise the temperature of the bodies, speeding up the decomposition process and concealing evidence. The agency also notes that some of the bodies showed signs of gunshot wounds to the head.


On April 7, the Israel Defense Forces command announced the withdrawal of the 98th Division from Khan Younis, where it had been operating for four months. As a result of the operation, much of the town now lies in ruins, with significant damage to roads and infrastructure.


Following the Israeli withdrawal, Palestinian emergency services recovered the bodies of 392 individuals from their graves. Buried more than three meters deep, the bodies were stacked on top of each other. Videos and photographs published later showed signs of torture on some of the bodies. Additionally, some of those buried were found handcuffed with plastic restraints.



GSV "Russia - Islamic World"

Photo: Marius Arnesen/Creative Commons 3.0

Based on materials from TASS