Pakistan says it won't compromise on nuclear program

17 March 2023

Pakistan will not compromise on its national nuclear program, which ensures the country's security, the office of the head of the Pakistani government said.

"Pakistan has an independent nuclear weapons policy. The nuclear program is a national asset, it is reliable, is not subject to outside pressure and fulfills its purpose of protecting the security of the country. Pakistan rejects all pressure on its nuclear program and will never compromise on its implementation," the prime minister's office said in a statement posted on its website.

The document noted that the visit of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Director-General Raphael Grossi to Islamabad in February to discuss the peaceful use of atomic energy and nuclear safety has been "portrayed in a negative light" in several media comments and statements, which has nothing to do with reality.

Speaking to the upper house of parliament, Minister of Finance and Revenue Ishaq Dar refuted claims that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is allegedly making further financial assistance to Pakistan conditional on its concessions on the nuclear weapons issue. "No one has the right to tell Pakistan what range its missiles should have or what nuclear weapons the country can have. We must have our own nuclear deterrent," the minister stressed. According to Dar, as soon as the agreement with the IMF is signed, it will be published and nothing will be hidden from the public.

Pakistan's negotiations with the IMF for the next $1.1 billion tranche have been ongoing since late January. They are undergoing the ninth review of Pakistan's compliance with the fund's requirements, which consist of structural reforms of the state financial system and economy.



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Photo: Burhan Ahmad/Unsplash

Based on materials from TASS