Putin instructed the Ministry of Defense to sign an agreement on the establishment of a naval support point in Sudan

17 November 2020


Russian President Vladimir Putin accepted the government's proposal to sign an agreement on the creation of the Russian Navy logistics point in Sudan and instructed the Defense Ministry to sign it. The corresponding order of the head of state was published on the official portal of legal information.

"To accept the proposal of the Russian government to sign an agreement between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Sudan on the establishment of a logistics point for the Russian Navy in the territory of the Republic of Sudan. To instruct the Russian Ministry of Defense to sign the said agreement on behalf of the Russian Federation," the document says.

Earlier, Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin approved the draft agreement and instructed to submit a proposal for its signing to the President. The draft was submitted by the Russian Ministry of Defense, agreed with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Supreme Court, the Prosecutor General's Office and the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation and preliminarily worked out with the Sudanese side.

About the agreement

According to the submitted draft agreement, the location of the Russian Navy logistics point in Sudan "meets the objectives of maintaining peace and stability in the region, is defensive in nature and not directed against other countries". The point may be established for repair, resupply and rest of crew members of Russian warships.

It is assumed that the territory of the MTS point will include the coastal zone, water area and the quay front zone. "The Sudanese side has the right to use the said berthing front in coordination with the authorized body of the Russian side", - is noted in the document.

The draft agreement also stipulates that a maximum of four warships may be located in the point, including "warships with a nuclear power plant provided that nuclear and environmental safety standards are observed".


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Photo: official website of the President of the Russian Federation

Based on materials from TASS