Russia Backs Congo-Led Initiative for All-Libyan Peace Conference

04 June

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov announced that Russia will actively encourage Libyan factions to participate in an all-Libyan peace conference, endorsing the initiative proposed by President Denis Sassou Nguesso of the Republic of Congo.


Speaking at a press conference, Lavrov affirmed, “We fully support the initiative of President Denis Sassou Nguesso to prepare a truly all-Libyan conference and will utilize our contacts with various Libyan forces to unite them on this very platform.” He emphasized that the immediate priority in Libya is to achieve a unified stance among all political factions toward the shared goal of restoring national unity and stability.


Lavrov further highlighted the alignment of this approach with the efforts of the African Union, stating, “This is precisely the approach, as I understand it, promoted by the African Union and personally by President Denis Sassou Nguesso as chairman of the high-level committee on Libyan regulation.”



GSV "Russia - Islamic World"

Photo: Russian Foreign Ministry

Based on TASS materials