Russian Ambassador: Moscow Values Strengthening Cooperation with Ashgabat

13 June

Russia places great importance on enhancing its cooperation with Turkmenistan, announced Russian Ambassador to Ashgabat Ivan Volynkin.


"Moscow values the strengthening of mutually beneficial cooperation with Ashgabat. We certainly appreciate the historically established high level of trust between Moscow and Ashgabat, based on the principles of mutual respect and equality. Russia and Turkmenistan share common moral ideals, and our bilateral relations are developing in the spirit of strategic partnership. I am confident that this will continue to be the case, as the strengthening of friendly ties meets the fundamental interests of both states and is aimed at ensuring the prosperity of our peoples, as well as stability and security in Central Asia, the Caspian region, and the world as a whole," the ambassador wrote in his article on the occasion of Russia Day, published in the official newspaper Neytralny Turkmenistan.


Volynkin noted that Russia and Turkmenistan have similar moral values, which prioritize family, love for children, respect for the older generation, honoring the memory of ancestors, and loyalty to the Fatherland. "These principles are obvious and inviolable for us. Adherence to traditional values, common history, and consideration of each other's interests have become the foundation for the strategic nature of cooperation between the Russian Federation and Turkmenistan. This approach is cemented by the 2017 treaty and reaffirmed by the 2022 declaration on deepening strategic partnership," the head of the diplomatic mission wrote.


The ambassador added that Russia highly appreciates Turkmenistan's neutral status, aimed at ensuring sustainable global development. "This course reflects the conscious choice of a sovereign state. After all, undoubtedly, to remain truly neutral in the modern world with its dividing lines, resilience and character are crucial, and unfortunately, not everyone possesses these qualities," Volynkin concluded.



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Photo: Federation Council

Based on TASS materials