Russian Ambassador to Libya Confirms Work on Attracting Russian Halal Products to the Country

06 February

Russia is working on attracting its halal products to Libya, which are in great demand among Libyans, Russian Ambassador to Libya Aidar Aganin said.


"Russian products are steadily entering the local market. Work is being done to attract it to Libya, as Muslim traditions are very strong in this country, it is halal products that are most in demand among Libyans," he said at the session "Development of Halal industry - a matter of state importance" within the XIV International Halal Congress.


The diplomat added in this regard that Russian food exports "require appropriate certification." "Certification by competent bodies with authority from a reputable spiritual Muslim organization," he explained.

"I would also like to note that halal certification is a kind of driver for the promotion of all our agricultural products in the market of Muslim countries," the ambassador concluded.



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Photo: hakeem.gadi/GFDL 1.2

Based on materials from TASS