Turkey Plans to Cooperate with Tajikistan in Production, Logistics, and Mineral Extraction

22 February

Turkey plans to expand collaboration with Tajikistan across multiple sectors including production, mining, logistics, and the construction of various social amenities in Dushanbe and other cities throughout the republic, Umut Ajar, the Turkish Ambassador to Dushanbe, said.


"Our aim should not solely revolve around the sale of goods or services; rather, it should aim at fostering production, storage, and logistics capabilities. Collaboratively establishing production facilities with both Turkish and Tajik entrepreneurs can significantly contribute to Tajikistan's industrial output and overall economy," he said on the air of Asia Plus radio station.


Highlighting the potential within Tajikistan's mining sector, the diplomat stressed the need for enhanced cooperation. "There is substantial resource wealth within Tajikistan, particularly in the mining industry, which presents ample opportunities for mutual benefit," Ajar remarked.


Moreover, Turkey aims to enhance transportation links between the two nations. Ajar advocated for increased flight frequency by Turkish Airlines, proposing daily flights instead of the current thrice-weekly schedule to Tajikistan. He added, "Expanding flight routes beyond Dushanbe to cities like Khujand would further facilitate connectivity. We are optimistic about realizing these plans in the near future."


Ajar further disclosed that the Turkish Coordination and Cooperation Agency has spearheaded approximately 500 projects in Tajikistan, amounting to roughly $30 million. Among the slated projects for the current year are the establishment of a training laboratory for nurses and midwives, the construction of a youth sports complex in collaboration with the Dushanbe city administration, the inception of a programming training center in the Khatlon region, and the establishment of a vocational training center specializing in solar energy.


In January, Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan visited Dushanbe, affirming Turkey's commitment to expanding economic ties. During discussions with President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon, Fidan reiterated the aspiration to elevate bilateral trade turnover to $1 billion; in 2023, trade between the two nations amounted to over $363 million, as per Tajikistan's statistical agency. Fidan also announced Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan's scheduled visit to Dushanbe in 2024.



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Based on materials from TASS