Turkish Navy to Safeguard Somali Territorial Waters Under 10-Year Agreement

22 February

The Turkish Navy is set to protect Somalia's territorial waters for a decade under a defense and economic cooperation agreement, as reported by Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, cited by Anadolu Agency.


"Our Turkish brothers will safeguard our seas under this agreement for the next 10 years. Through this cooperation, we aim to develop a navy capable of protecting our maritime interests," stated President Mohamud.


The agreement encompasses various areas of cooperation, including counterterrorism efforts, defense against external threats, piracy prevention, and combating illegal fishing activities. The president of Somalia emphasized that the agreement does not harbor hostile intentions towards Ethiopia or any other nation.


Approved by the Somali government, the agreement, valid for 10 years, allows for the presence of the Turkish Navy in Somali waters to enhance defense capabilities and combat piracy, smuggling, and poaching activities. Additionally, Turkey is entitled to receive up to 30% of revenues from Somalia's economic maritime zone exploitation, known for its abundant resources, as reported by Garowe news portal.


The agreement's signing coincides with tensions between Somalia and neighboring Ethiopia, spurred by Ethiopia's memorandum with the Somali state of Somaliland, which proposes leasing part of Somaliland's coastline on the Indian Ocean. Somalia's Federal Government has condemned such arrangements as illegal and a breach of national sovereignty.



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Photo:  LoggaWiggler/Pixabay

Based on materials from TASS