Yeremin: Russia is an example of dialogue between Islam and Christianity for the Islamic world

15 November 2022

Head of the Department for Interaction with Religious Organizations of the Russian President's Domestic Policy Directorate Yevgeny Yeremin noted that two events are equally actively celebrated in Russia this year: the 1,100th anniversary of the adoption of Islam by the Volga Bulgaria and the 1,100th anniversary of the voluntary adoption of Christianity as the state religion. 

"All the events that took place in our country on these anniversary dates showed how deep the roots of these world religions are in our country, in our society and how intertwined they are," said Yeremin in his address. 

In addition, Yeremin noted that for many Muslim countries, Russia is an example of dialogue between Muslim and Christian confessions. 

"We are talking about cooperation, and even unity. The spiritual and moral values mentioned in the presidential decree are common for the whole society and all religions," said Yeremin.



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