Russian FM Addresses KazanSummit Conference

10 May 2018

I wholeheartedly salute the participants in the 10th anniversary international economic summit “Russia — Islamic world: KazanSummit 2018.”


Russian FM Addresses KazanSummit Conference


Over the past years, this forum has established itself as a prominent platform for promoting cooperation between Russia and the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation member states in multiple areas. Year after year, this event has been bringing together high-profile participants representing government agencies, the diplomatic corps, businesses and the media. The outcomes of these meetings are recognised in Russia and beyond.



This time you meet again to discuss a wide range of matters, ranging from trade and the economy to research and technology. I strongly believe that with its packed agenda, the conference will pave the way to mutually beneficial agreements, new contracts and promising projects, and ultimately to a stronger friendship, trust and mutual understanding among our peoples.



I wish you fruitful work and inspiring debates. I hope that this will be an occasion for you to establish mutually advantageous contacts. I wish you all the best.




Moscow, May 10, 2018



GSV "Russia - Islamic world"