A competition has been announced for participation in the International Summer School “Bulgarian Dialogue of Cultures”

24 October 2020


On 1 October 2020, a competition was announced for participation in the international summer school “Bulgarian Dialogue of Cultures”. It will be held at the Bulgarian Islamic Academy (Bolgar, the Republic of Tatarstan). The event is organized with the support of the Fund for Strategic Dialogue and Partnership with the Islamic World.


The reasons why one should take part in the international summer school are the following:


1. The location: Bolgar, the Republic of Tatarstan


The international summer school will take place in August 2021 in the Bulgarian Islamic Academy, where the highest level of Islamic education in the Russian Federation is implemented.


2. Jubilee event.


“The Bulgarian Dialogue of Cultures-2021” continues the glorious tradition of holding the international summer school and will be the fifth in a row. During the international summer school, participants will be offered a rich work and cultural and educational program. The partner of the Academy is the Bulgarian Historical and Architectural Museum Reserve, recognized as the world’s northernmost monument of medieval Muslim architecture, the unique example of Bulgarian Tatar architecture of the middle of the XIII-XIV centuries. There are no analogues in the world as a valuable historical monument testifying to the extinct states (Volga Bulgaria, Golden Horde).  


3. Distinguished speakers.


The organizers of the annual event invited authoritative Russian and international experts, who possess a unique baggage of practical knowledge about the history of major religions and their developments today.


4. Relevant topic of the event.


The topic of the annual event, “Education and Dialogue of Religions”, and the challenges faced in preparing for the international summer school correspond to the relevant challenges of today’s world.


5. Travel and accommodation are at the expense of the Organizing Committee of the international summer school “Bulgarian Dialogue of Cultures-2021”.


The Organizing Committee pays the travel costs of those participants who write the best essays (see participation conditions).


Essay topics:


1) Religious and cultural traditions of the main confessions in Russia;
2) Theology in religious education;
3) Religion in the art of peoples of the world;
4) Dialogue of religions as a factor in the sustainable development of the global world;
5) Regional experience in developing interreligious dialogue in educational institutions.


The school invites young journalists, students of journalism (and other humanitarian faculties), specialists in media communications, history and political scientists from Russia and post-Soviet countries to participate.


Participation conditions:


1) Participants in the international summer school “Bulgarian Dialogue of Cultures-2021” can be senior university students (3-5), postgraduate students, young researchers, journalists interested in cooperation between Russia, the EU and post-Soviet countries, aged under 30.


2) Mandatory requirement - Russian language proficiency. 


3) Participants of the upcoming event will have to attend all classes and cultural events within the framework of the international summer school.

4) The school’s Organizing Committee provides accommodation (double accommodation), meals and travel for participants who have written the best essays on the key topics of the international summer school “Bulgarian Dialogue of Cultures-2021”.


To participate in the international summer school “Bulgarian Dialogue of Cultures-2021”, applicants must complete the Google Application Form and send the following documents to iyazigantdinov@bolgar.academy:


1. Copy of the first page of the passport (for Russian participants - copies of the first page and the residence permit page);


2. Certificate from the place of study/work indicating the current status on the university/organization letterhead bearing the signature and seal of the head of the organization/structural unit (in Russian);


3. A short essay in Russian on any of the proposed topics (from 1000 to 2000 words).


The final deadline for foreign participants who require a visa is 1 June 2021;


The selection of participants will be carried out by the competition committee and the participants will be informed of the selection results no later than 18 June 2021. The competition committee does not enter into correspondence with the participants or justify the selection results for participation in the international summer school “Bulgarian Dialogue of Cultures – 2021”.



The Organizing Committee of the international summer school

“Bulgarian Dialogue of Cultures – 2021”