Director-General of "Tunis Africa Press": Mass media play a big role in bringing peoples and countries closer together

24 November 2020


Media workers face very serious challenges. First of all, we are talking about the transmission of truthful information, Mona Muteibia, the Director-General of the "Tunis Africa Press" news agency is sure. She said this during her speech at the online conference "Russia - Islamic world: Crossroads of information cooperation".


"Our agency is doing a lot of work to overcome various distortions and falsifications. For us, this is a very urgent problem. I fully support the idea of creating a practical platform for media workers to meet on a regular basis to exchange experiences and information. After all, the media play a leading role in bringing people together and establishing close cooperation," Mona Muteibia believes.


The conference was organized by the Group of Strategic Vision "Russia - Islamic World" with the support of the Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the Union of OIC News Agencies and the Union of Journalists of Russia. The main topics of discussion are the prospects for cooperation between OIC countries and Russia in the media sphere, plans for potential cooperation with the involvement of interested organizations and departments, as well as the creation of a practical platform for meetings on a regular basis of the Group of Strategic Vision of specialists in the information sector.


GSV "Russia - Islamic World"