The first school in the region with swimming pools and an IT cube was opened in Kabardino-Balkaria

01 September 2020

A school with swimming pools, a standard football field and an IT cube opened on Tuesday in Nalchik. The first bell rang on Tuesday for 220 first-graders, for all other students, the new school year will begin on September 2.

As the TASS correspondent reports, the opening ceremony was attended by the head of the Republic Kazbek Kokov, who handed the school administration a symbolic Golden key and noted that this day is special for the Republic.

"Today we also celebrate the day of our Republic. Our future - our children-has always been a priority for the Republic. We will continue to make every effort to ensure that our children can show their talents in a competitive environment. Today, more than 110 thousand children will go to schools in the Republic, which is 3 thousand more than last year, and this is a fact that confirms that our Republic is developing, moving forward and we have a future, " Kokov said.

School of the future

School No. 33 in Nalchik is called the school of the future. It was built as part of the Federal project "Modern school" of the national project "Education". The institution is not only the largest and most modern in the region, but also opens up new opportunities for additional education for children. It created the first digital education center in the Republic, the IT cube, to introduce children to innovations in the field of information technology, robotics and IT engineering. It is designed for 1,224 students.

"We have two swimming pools, two sports halls, a standard football field, we are equipped with technical and visual AIDS at the highest level, wonderful teachers - 75 specialists, 48 of whom have the highest qualification degree, 13 have the first, and have recruited young specialists," the school's Director Kazbek Blyanikhov told TASS.

In the second half of the day children will be engaged in additional education. "We plan to work on the IT cube, which is located on an area of 450 square meters, it is fully equipped, teachers are recruited, the educational process will begin on September 2. Swimming, national and modern dances, and robotics will also be organized," he added.

Schools in the region started the school year in full-time format, but by the decision of the regional authorities, the celebratory assembly was held on September 1 only for first-grade students.

According to the acting Minister of Education, Science and Youth Affairs of the region Anzor Ezaov, 42 centers of education of humanitarian and digital profiles "Point of growth" will be opened in the Republic on September 1. "It is gratifying that they are opening on the basis of rural and small-town schools, which, we hope, will serve as a support for the development of both humanitarian and technical areas. All of this focused on the fact that our children had opportunities for self-realization, the possibility that they could take place in this life," said Ezaov. He said that on this day, more than 13 thousand first-graders went to school for the first time, which is 700 more than a year earlier.


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Based on materials from TASS