200 Municipal Leaders from 21 Countries to Attend BRICS+ Cities Forum in Kazan

17 June

Around 200 mayors, deputy mayors, and leaders of municipal associations from 21 countries will attend the BRICS+ Cities Forum, which will be held in Kazan on June 21, according to the Kazan City Hall's press service.


“In Kazan, around 200 mayors, deputy mayors, and leaders of municipal associations from 21 countries will attend the international BRICS+ Cities Forum. The forum will take place on June 21 at the Kazan City Hall,” the press service reported.


The largest delegations from foreign countries will come from China, Iran, India, Brazil, and South Africa. The furthest participating countries are Chile and Argentina. The post-Soviet space will be represented by Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Belarus, and Azerbaijan.


“The forum will see the participation of influential municipal associations and local government bodies. Confirmed attendees include Ari Jose Vanazzi, President of the Brazilian Association of Municipalities (Brazil), Beke Stofile, President of the South African Local Government Association (South Africa), Ato Andualem Tenaw Habte, Director General of the Association of Ethiopian Cities (Ethiopia), Sergio Arredondo Olvera, Secretary General of the Latin American Federation of Cities, Municipalities, and Local Government Associations (Mexico), Hamidreza Ghalimzadeh, Secretary General of the Asian Mayors Forum (Iran), among others,” the press service noted.


The forum will discuss the creation of a new international organization, the Association of Cities and Municipalities of BRICS+ countries. Attendees will elect its leader, determine the location of its headquarters, plan its activities, and discuss joint projects.


“Our goal is to build the activities of the BRICS+ Cities Association on principles of equality, mutually beneficial partnership, and respect for each other's traditions and culture. There will be no room for political pressure. Our sole objective is to be useful to each other. The Association will enhance cooperation in the fields of economy, culture, education, and ecology, becoming a vital source of knowledge and a stimulus for studying and implementing the experiences of other cities for the benefit of our residents,” stated Kazan Mayor Ilsur Metshin, who proposed the idea of creating the new organization, according to the press service.


Additionally, the forum will feature the signing of cooperation and twinning agreements between various cities and local government associations. Several bilateral working meetings are also planned.



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Photo: Yuri Zhernakov\Pixabay

Based on TASS materials