Kazan Global Youth Forum Convenes 140 Delegates from 30 Countries

28 August 2023

The II Kazan Global Youth Forum has attracted around 140 delegates from 30 different countries, including notable attendees such as youth affairs ministers from Libya, Senegal, and Palestine, as well as deputy ministers from Lebanon, Cameroon, and Tajikistan, along with the minister of youth and sports of Hirshabelle State of Somalia, as reported by the event's organizers.


Deputy Head of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs Damir Fattakhov delivered a welcoming speech during the opening ceremony of the summit. "This year, at the summit, we are discussing a crucial topic - the education and upbringing of the younger generation," he stated. He emphasized the ongoing struggle for influence over the minds of young people, highlighting the significance of instilling fundamental values, knowledge, and guidance in the youth, which would contribute to their growth as responsible citizens of their respective nations.


Fattakhov stressed the importance of instilling patriotism, respect for traditional family values, love for both their larger homeland and their immediate surroundings, and a reverence for older generations. He also highlighted Russia's efforts to establish a comprehensive system of educational support for the youth, ranging from their school years to their employment. This includes imparting not only academic knowledge but also promoting a healthy lifestyle, fostering volunteerism, addressing environmental challenges, and nurturing an understanding and respect for the diverse cultures and traditions of their multicultural society.


The II Kazan Global Youth Summit, scheduled for August 28-29 in the capital of Tatarstan, aims to discuss the role of traditional values in the upbringing of children and youth in the contemporary world. The summit will encompass various sessions focused on themes such as promoting strong family values, lifelong learning, personal safety, mutual respect, intercultural friendship, and national identity.



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Photo: Evg Klimov/Unsplash

Based on materials from TASS