Kazan will Host the Congress of Young Scientists of OIC Countries

21 November 2023

The end of the year in Tatarstan will be rich in the events in the field of international youth cooperation: on 26-29 November Kazan will host the II Youth Scientific Congress of the OIC Countries, and on 10-13 December the BRICS and SCO Young Leaders Award will be presented in the capital of Tatarstan. Details of the upcoming events were presented at a press conference today by Rinat Sadykov, minister of youth affairs of the Republic of Tatarstan, Dilbar Sadykova, chairman of the Academy of Youth Diplomacy, and Timirkhan Alishev, vice-rector for external Relations of KFU.

‘We can witness a tremendous interest of the world community in Tatarstan, especially from the countries of the East. Our region has always developed international cooperation, and thanks to cultural and economic ties and its rich history, the Republic of Tatarstan gets a special role in establishing a dialogue between countries and regions. And we see huge opportunities for us in this, which are given to us, including through work in youth policy and diplomacy,’ Rinat Sadykov highlighted. He emphasized the upcoming BRICS and SCO Young Leaders Award. ‘We once again open Kazan and the republic for international community and invite to dialogue on our platform. Our gratitude for this goes to the Academy of Youth Diplomacy. We understand that the guys who participate in the international youth political agenda, tomorrow will come into big politics and will determine the vectors of interaction between countries and regions,’ the minister noted. ‘Therefore, holding the Congress and awarding the prize are extremely important for us: we want the youth of Tatarstan and Russia to be even more integrated into international processes. We are ready for dialogue and cooperation’.


The project is implemented with grant support from the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs (Rosmolodezh).

The II Youth Scientific Congress of the OIC Countries will be attended by 100 young scientists and researchers from over 20 member states of OIC and Russia. According to Dilbar Sadykova, for many of them the upcoming Congress will be an opportunity to travel abroad for the first time and present their scientific developments to the world community.

‘More than 1000 young scientists from 72 countries took part in the application campaign for the Congress. The competition amounted to 10 people per place. This once again confirms that interest in events in Russia is not falling, but only increasing. Young people are keen to come here,’ Dilbar Sadykova said.

Among the Congress areas there is biomedicine and biotechnologies, oil and gas technologies, educational technologies, international relations and international law, architecture, design and art. ‘The Congress in Kazan will be unique in terms of most of the announced topics – there are no analogues to it in the OIC space. It will be held for the second time. It is important for us that the participants are engaged in science in areas relevant to us and choose Tatarstan as a platform for their further growth and development. There are a lot of talented young people, and they should be involved in joint work for the benefit of science development in our country,’ Timirkhan Alishev said.

The selected participants include many promising young researchers from Azerbaijan, Türkiye, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Palestine, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Niger, Mozambique, Cameroon, Morocco, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Chad and Senegal.

Lina Ayman Mohamed Qandil Mostafa from Egypt will speak on “Architecture, Design, Art”. Lina is an emerging fashion designer and media influencer with an active position in the field of eco-fashion. She will present her work in sustainable design for the first time in Kazan.

Gerry Utama, an active traveler and researcher from Indonesia, is also interested in this area. Gerry lived and studied in Japan and now lives in St. Petersburg. He has been on a round-the-world voyage and was the first to fly the Indonesian flag in the Arctic Circle. At the Congress, Gerry, the author of several books, will speak about the photometric technology that enabled him to accurately scan a temple complex in Indonesia, and now he can use the resulting 3D model to monitor the condition of objects and their subsequent restoration.

Elissia Fayek Fekri Gerges from Egypt will perform in the Oil and Gas Technologies direction. Elissia studies at one of the best medical schools in Egypt. At the Congress, Elissia will talk about recycling organic waste and greenhouse gases using an energy efficient system.

The youngest participant of the Congress is Mas Aldardasawi. She is from Jordan and studies in Hong Kong. Despite her young age (18 years old), the girl is tackling a very complex experimental topic related to a unique anti-tumor development. Mas discovered the anti-tumor activity of a combination of camel milk and sulforaphane, which she will discuss in detail for the first time at the upcoming Congress in Kazan.

Ashangua Harrison from Cameroon will present his work on inclusive education in Africa in the Education Technologies track. Ashangua is an active participant in international conferences on the Sustainable Development Goals. He has served as a consultant on climate change issues in South Africa on several occasions. He is also an active researcher on sustainable mobility and promotes sustainable transport for people with low mobility in Cameroonian cities.

The upcoming Congress will help participants who have not had the opportunity to present their work to the international community for the first time, get feedback from experts and find international partners to implement their research. 

The Congress experts will be KFU scholars and representatives of such international organizations as the Standing Committee on Scientific and Technological Cooperation (COMSTECH), the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ICESCO), the Islamic Art and Culture Research Centre (IRCICA), the OIC Youth Forum (ICYF).

The Congress will be organized at 5 venues of Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University. The II OIC Youth Scientific Congress will result in the publication of a collection of finalists’ scientific papers.

Simultaneously with the Congress, Kazan will host the Youth Festival of Contemporary Muslim Culture. Artists from Indonesia, Russia, Tunisia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Iraq will perform creative collaborations in different areas: vocal, choreography and playing traditional musical instruments. Uzbekistan’s rising opera star Khadicha Imamnazarova, soloist of the State Philharmonic of Uzbekistan and winner of the Nihol State Prize for Young Talents will also come to Kazan. Alish Bibarys from Kazakhstan, who has won more than 40 national and international competitions, will demonstrate his unique vocals. Munira Yusupova will introduce the audience to the dutar, a two-stringed plucked musical instrument of the peoples of Central and South Asia, and Taufik Ramdani Tokhari will present modern choreography with elements of traditional Indonesian dances.

The Congress is in line with the goals of the Education and Science and Universities national projects. It opens up opportunities for young people to develop their projects and skills, and promotes effective cooperation between global university communities.

The Congress is organized by the Academy of Youth Diplomacy, the Ministry of Youth Affairs of the Republic of Tatarstan, Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University in partnership with the Standing Committee of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation on Scientific and Technological Cooperation (COMSTECH), the Youth Forum of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (ICYF) and the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs (Rosmolodezh).



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Photo: zizimao\Pixabay