Minnikhanov: Cooperation Among BRICS Cities to Foster Technology Exchange

21 June

The collaboration among cities within BRICS nations and those willing to join the bloc promotes the exchange of advanced technologies and best practices across various fields. Rustam Minnikhanov, the head of the Republic of Tatarstan, made this statement at the International Forum of BRICS+ Cities in Kazan.


"The cooperation among the cities of BRICS countries and those ready to join the bloc will facilitate the exchange of cutting-edge technologies and best practices in areas such as urban management and ecology, industry and infrastructure, healthcare and transportation, education and culture, sports and tourism, and much more," Minnikhanov said, noting that BRICS countries are home to nearly half of the world's population.


According to him, consolidating efforts at the city level will help develop innovative approaches to existing challenges and create new models for sustainable development. Minnikhanov emphasized that international cooperation among local authorities contributes to the exchange of advanced experiences and the sustainable development of not only the cities themselves but also many regions and countries.



"We know this from our own experience. Tatarstan is one of the leading, industrially developed, and innovative regions of the Russian Federation. Our republic develops international and foreign economic relations with other countries, shares its rich experience of interfaith and interethnic harmony, carefully preserves the traditions of world cultures, always seeks common ground with foreign partners, and actively participates in implementing the foreign policy of the Russian Federation aimed at building a fair multipolar world order," added Minnikhanov.


The International Forum of BRICS+ Cities is being held on June 21 in Kazan, with about 200 municipal leaders from various countries in attendance. The forum will discuss, among other topics, the creation of a new international organization, the Association of Cities and Municipalities of BRICS+ Countries.



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