Minnikhanov Meets with Iran's Deputy Minister of Economy

26 October 2023

Deputy Minister of Economy of the Islamic Republic of Iran Mohammad Javad Sharifzadeh held a meeting today with Rais of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov. The meeting took place at the Government House of the Republic of Tatarstan.


It's worth mentioning that Mohammad Javad Sharifzadeh is leading an Iranian delegation during his working visit to Tatarstan.


The primary purpose of this visit is to participate in the inauguration of the Mir Business Bank office in Kazan, a subsidiary of the Iranian bank, Bank Melli Iran.


Welcoming the guests, Rustam Minnikhanov emphasized that this project serves as a tangible illustration of the practical implementation of Tatarstan-Iran cooperation.


"I hope for its successful operation and wish you a pleasant stay and productive work in our republic," stated Rustam Minnikhanov. He emphasized Tatarstan's strong commitment to enhancing cooperation with the Islamic Republic of Iran within the broader context of Russian-Iranian relations. "Our countries are not only good neighbors but also vital partners in addressing pressing global challenges," he added.


"In today's world, the significance and relevance of cooperation between our nations are increasingly evident. We're currently witnessing another crisis unfolding in the Gaza Strip, and the efforts of the international community to resolve this conflict are of great importance. Our leaders maintain ongoing dialogues on these matters," noted Minnikhanov. He also expressed his satisfaction with Iran's full membership in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.


Rustam Minnikhanov also highlighted the remarkable growth in trade between Russia and Iran, citing a 15% increase in trade turnover last year, reaching a record high of $4.6 billion.


Furthermore, Minnikhanov shared his personal connection with President of Iran Mr. Ebrahim Raisi. He recounted their past meetings and interactions, saying, "In 2017, he graciously hosted us at the Imam Reza Mausoleum in Mashhad, and in 2018, he made a visit to Tatarstan, where we engaged in meaningful discussions. We are grateful to President Raisi for his attention to our republic and our collaborative efforts."


Minnikhanov expressed his genuine enthusiasm for visiting Iran, where he has had the opportunity to maintain a constructive dialogue with Tehran and various Iranian provinces. He recalled his most recent visit in September when they traveled to Tehran, Golestan, and East Azerbaijan provinces.


"We engaged in substantive discussions covering a wide range of topics related to Tatarstan-Iran cooperation," - emphasized Rustam Minnikhanov. - "This year, we were pleased to host Governor Abedin Khorram of East Azerbaijan in our republic, and he subsequently paid us a return visit."


The rais reiterated the extensive history of cooperation between Tatarstan and Iran, underscoring the vital role played by the Consulate General of Iran in Kazan. He mentioned the Memorandum of Trade Cooperation between the governments of Tatarstan and Iran. Moreover, various companies from Tatarstan have executed projects in Iran over the years.


"I believe there is significant potential for trade and economic cooperation," stated Rustam Minnikhanov.


Mohammad Javad Sharifzadeh, Deputy Minister of Economy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, expressed during the meeting that cooperation with Tatarstan contributes to the active development of relations between Russia and Iran. He also extended an invitation to Rustam Minnikhanov to visit the Islamic Republic of Iran once again.



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Photo: official website of the Rais RT

Based on materials from the Press Service of the Rais RT