Putin Hails Interfaith Relations in Tatarstan as an Example for the Entire Country

14 December 2023

Russian President Vladimir Putin commended the Republic of Tatarstan's experience in fostering interfaith relations and building connections with Islamic countries, considering it an exemplary model for the entire country.


"This choice [of Kazan as the venue for the BRICS summit in 2024 - TASS note] is attributed to the fact that Tatarstan is progressing well, and Kazan stands out as one of the prime examples of such development. The conditions are favorable. Both the former president [Mintimer Shaimiev] and the current president [Rustam] Minnikhanov have been effective leaders. It's a multi-ethnic, multi-confessional republic where relations between different communities are well-established—a positive example for the entire country. That is the rationale behind selecting Kazan," he stated in response to whether Kazan's increasing diplomatic role in relations with Eastern countries and the Muslim world influenced the choice of Kazan as the BRICS summit venue.


He praised the cultural sophistication of the people of Tatarstan, stating, "I believe that the substantial development of Tatarstan, particularly its capital, Kazan, is intertwined with this cultural richness. Primarily, it's due to the city's well-maintained condition and developed infrastructure. Kazan has successfully hosted numerous major international events, encompassing both sporting and general political gatherings. Naturally, this has propelled Kazan to become a focal point of attraction."


In August, Putin mentioned that the upcoming BRICS summit could take place in Kazan in October 2024. He specified that approximately 200 political, economic, and social events are planned, with more than a dozen Russian cities hosting them. In April, Putin officially designated Kazan as the venue for the BRICS heads of state meeting in 2024.



GSV "Russia - Islamic World"

Photo: Fendes/Creative Commons 4.0

Based on materials from TASS