VI Global Forum of Young Diplomats Commences in Kazan

18 August 2023

The 6th Global Forum of Young Diplomats is set to commence in Kazan and will continue until August 21. The primary focus will be on the diplomacy of a multipolar world and the importance of information security in contemporary international relations. The forum sessions will delve into subjects including information conflicts, humanitarian collaboration, countering nations hostile to Russia, and advancing Moscow's interests both nearby and abroad.


The organizers have highlighted that Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov is anticipated to deliver a welcoming speech to the participants. Additionally, the forum will introduce the World Youth Festival, scheduled for March 2024 in Sochi. A presentation of the "Games of the Future" project is also on the agenda, aiming to harmonize digital and physical realities across various domains. The inaugural "Games of the Future" are planned for 2024 in Kazan.


Moreover, the forum will host the induction ceremony for new members into the International Association of Young Diplomats, as well as bilateral consultations among individual delegations. The final day of the forum is earmarked for the signing of a conclusive document outlining the shared approaches of Russia and its counterparts towards pivotal international matters.


About the Participants


Konstantin Kolpakov, the Chairman of the Council of Young Diplomats, mentioned during a TASS press conference that approximately 100 delegates from nearly 40 countries had registered a week ahead of the event. Attendees are expected from diverse regions such as Abkhazia, Armenia, Belarus, Brazil, Venezuela, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, and various African countries. Notably, representatives from China are anticipated, especially after their involvement in the Eurasia Young Diplomats Forum in Gorno-Altaisk in July 2023. Chinese participants have expressed interest in joining the Association of Young Diplomats.


Kolpakov pointed out that over 120 participants from 44 countries took part in the 2022 forum, suggesting the potential to exceed last year's numbers and set a new participation record.


Rinat Sadykov, the Minister of Youth Affairs of the Republic of Tatarstan, highlighted the forum's unique role as a platform for productive dialogue among young professionals. He emphasized that the event systematically advances foreign policy interests and establishes multifaceted connections.



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Photo: Fendes/Creative Commons 4.0

Based on materials from TASS