Russia starts military exercises in Crimea

11 June

Aircraft of the Russian Black Sea Fleet together with an anti-aircraft missile regiment began exercises in Crimea amid the expected entry of a US destroyer into the waters of the Black Sea.

The US Sixth Fleet earlier reported that the Arleigh Burke-class destroyer Labun began a crossing from the Mediterranean Sea to the Black Sea to carry out maritime security operations. Ships of this class are armed with Tomahawk and Harpoon cruise missiles and SM-3 anti-missiles.

"In accordance with the combat training plan, units of the anti-aircraft missile regiment from the Army Corps of the Black Sea Fleet have begun practicing joint tasks in the area of intensive aviation flights. Combat training activities are carried out in the areas of the basing airfields of naval aircraft and air defense of the Black Sea Fleet," the press service of the Black Sea Fleet reported.

It was specified that Su-24M, Su-24MR, Su-30SM, AN-26, Be-12, and helicopters take part in joint exercises with air defense teams. All "about 15 units of aviation technology and about 50 units of weapons and military and special equipment were involved in the maneuvers".

The main purpose of the exercises is to practise the coherence of the regiment's crews and batteries in organising the defence of important infrastructure facilities from the means of air attack by the simulated enemy.



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Photo: Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

Based on materials from RIA Novosti