Finance, Tourism, and Business on the Agenda at "Russia - Islamic World: KazanForum"

15 May

The International Economic Forum "Russia - Islamic World: KazanForum" in Tatarstan is set to host over 120 thematic sessions featuring Russian and international experts. The forum, as stated on its website, will cover diverse topics such as tourism, business, technology, Islamic finance, and investments.


"The business program of KazanForum will cover multiple tracks: international cooperation, tourism, business, science and technology, Islamic finance and investments, sports, the halal industry, and more. With 125 thematic sessions, the program will feature experts from various Russian regions, countries of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), and other nations," the statement explains.


Participants will delve into sessions focused on developing multimodal transport corridors, tourism strategies, exporting Russian halal products, ensuring economic security, partnership financing, and exploring various industrial, technological, educational, and cultural projects. The Group of Strategic Vision "Russia - Islamic World" will hold a meeting at the B. Rameyev IT park.


The plenary session, scheduled for May 17, will gather experts to discuss the potential for collaboration between Russia and OIC countries across various sectors and summarize the forum's outcomes.


International Attendees


The Kazan forum consistently attracts prominent guests from around the world. This year, representatives from India, Iran, Qatar, Afghanistan, Libya, CIS countries, and others will participate. Specifically, tourism matters will be addressed with a delegation from Malaysia's relevant ministry visiting Tatarstan. Around 15 sessions and discussions on international cooperation are planned in Kazan, with international dimensions featured in discussions on the economy, sports, culture, and other thematic areas.

The Council of Young Diplomats of the Russian Foreign Ministry will co-organize several events. Topics will include the OIC's role in the emerging multipolar world, technological diplomacy, humanitarian diplomacy, and educational interactions between Russia and the Islamic world.


A program discussion on the relations between Russia and the Islamic world is scheduled. At a Rossotrudnichestvo session titled "The Islamic world and the development of twinning ties: what's next?", moderated by agency head Yevgeny Primakov, participants will discuss socio-economic development through international contacts, prospects for sister city relationships, and the role of education in these ties.


During KazanForum at the Kazan Expo International Exhibition Center, the Russia Halal Expo will feature bilateral business meetings between halal product buyers and distributors, with the participation of 100 foreign specialists. Additionally, an international trade fair, Kazan Halal Market, showcasing over 4,500 products from leading companies in the Islamic world, will be held at the Kazan Agro-Industrial Park during the forum.


TASS is the general information partner of the International Economic Forum "Russia - Islamic World: KazanForum." A mobile TASS studio and a photo exhibition titled "Russia - Islamic World: 15 Years of Cooperation," featuring photos by the agency's correspondents reflecting the forum's wide thematic diversity, will be presented at the forum.



GSV "Russia - Islamic World"

Photo: RIA Novosti

Based on materials from TASS