Kyrgyz Prime Minister Highlights Mineral Reserves in the Country

19 June

Kyrgyzstan boasts significant reserves of various minerals, including rare earth and precious metals, according to Akylbek Zhaparov, head of the cabinet of ministers and chief of the presidential administration of the republic. He made this announcement in Bishkek during the "MINEX Central Asia" mining and geological forum.


"As an example, the estimated reserves of titanomagnetite at just one site in the Kyzyl-Ompol deposit are around 20 million tons, while the Kutessay-2 deposit holds about 60,000 tons of rare earth metals, comprising over 21 elements," Zhaparov stated.


Japarov noted that 95% of Kyrgyzstan's territory is mountainous, with mineral-rich depths containing resources such as gold, coal, and iron. This includes approximately 5 billion tons of titanium and rare earth metals, including europium, zirconium, cesium, and the lanthanoid group.


"These reserves were recorded more than 50 years ago. However, esteemed geological scientists believe that with more detailed geological exploration and the application of new technological solutions, these figures could increase significantly. We invite partners for joint geological exploration work and welcome investors to this promising sector of the economy—mining," the prime minister emphasized.


He also stated that Kyrgyzstan is a reliable economic partner, committed to fulfilling all its economic obligations.


The "MINEX Central Asia" forum features participants from over 100 companies across 22 countries, including those from Central Asia, Europe, China, North America, and the Middle East.



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Photo: official website of the Rais RT

Based on TASS materials