Lebanon Seeks Russian Assistance in Rebuilding Southern Provinces

02 May

The use of phosphorus munitions by Israel, in violation of international conventions, during attacks on Lebanese territory has inflicted extensive damage on the agricultural and livestock sectors. Now, Lebanon is hopeful for assistance from Russia in its economic recovery efforts. Acting Agriculture Minister of the republic, Abbas Hajj Hassan, told TASS while commenting on the situation in the southern regions, where armed conflict has persisted since October 2023.


"To address the aftermath of Israeli aggression, the Lebanese government requires support from friendly nations, with Russia being our foremost ally," - emphasized the interlocutor. - "We rely on and are keen on Russia's aid in restoring the economy of South Lebanon, given Russia's consistent support during times of adversity and crisis in the past."


The acting minister highlighted that the Lebanese authorities are yet to evaluate the extent of environmental damage due to ongoing military actions, as rural areas remain unsafe for assessment. "Our specialists are unable to conduct assessments amidst the ongoing conflict. Access to rural areas is restricted, and comprehensive statistics can only be provided post-ceasefire," he noted.


According to Hassan, the estimated damage to the south significantly surpasses the previously reported $3 billion figure by Lebanese media experts. "Israel's indiscriminate strikes have transformed once-prosperous regions into desolate landscapes," - he asserted. - "Fires have ravaged 60,000 olive trees, some of which were over 200 years old. Livestock and poultry farming have also suffered immense losses, with profitable farms destroyed and thousands of goats and cows perishing during bombings and shelling."


The acting minister stressed Lebanon's right to seek reparations for the inflicted damage. Prime Minister Najib Mikati declared agrarian areas in southern Lebanon as disaster zones on April 3, citing data indicating that 75% of the region's population lost their livelihoods due to military operations, with 100,000 individuals displaced as a result.



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Photo: marviikad/Creative Commons 2.0

Based on materials from TASS