Media: Turkish Parliament Passes Bill on LNG Sales, Advancing Gas Hub Creation

03 May

The Turkish parliament has successfully passed a bill enabling the sale of liquefied natural gas (LNG) imported by the republic, Sözcü reports.


Introduced to parliament in January, the bill's approval signifies a milestone in facilitating the establishment of liquefaction facilities for Turkey's imported natural gas. Furthermore, it bolsters the legal framework necessary to transform Turkey into an international hub for gas trading.


The initiative is traced back to October 2022 when Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed the concept of establishing a hub on Turkish soil. This hub would serve as a conduit for redirecting transit volumes lost through the Nord Stream pipeline. Turkish authorities assert that the country boasts nearly complete infrastructure readiness for the project's realization. However, amendments to existing legislation are deemed essential. Initial legislative strides were taken last year.


By the close of December 2023, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak expressed optimism that the hub project's implementation could commence in 2024. He further announced the forthcoming adoption of a comprehensive roadmap. Earlier engagements saw a Turkish delegation convene in Russia to deliberate on the project's intricacies.



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Photo: IlyaYurukin/PxHere

Based on materials from TASS