Putin Calls Western Attempts to Seize Russian Assets Theft

14 June

Any attempts by Western countries to seize Russian assets will be considered theft and will not go unpunished, stated Russian President Vladimir Putin during a meeting with the leadership of the Foreign Ministry.


"Western countries have currently frozen Russian assets and foreign exchange reserves. Now they are trying to find some legal basis to permanently appropriate them. But despite all the legal chicanery, theft will undoubtedly remain theft. And it will not go unpunished," the president emphasized.



According to Putin, by stealing Russian assets, the West will "take another step toward destroying the system they themselves created, which for many decades ensured their prosperity, allowing them to consume more than they earned, attract money from all over the world through debts and obligations."


"Now, it has become evident to all countries, companies, and sovereign funds that their assets and reserves are far from safe—in both legal and economic senses. The next in line for expropriation by the US and the West could be anyone," - Putin highlighted.-  "Distrust in the financial system based on Western reserve currencies is already growing."



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Photo: official website of the President of the Russian Federation

Based on materials from TASS