Rosseti and National Power Grids of Uzbekistan Discuss Bilateral Cooperation in Grid Sector

02 May

Rosseti and National Power Grids of Uzbekistan (NES) recently convened to discuss the objectives of bilateral cooperation and the implementation of cutting-edge technologies in the grid sector, as stated in a press release by the Russian electric grid holding company.


The meeting, attended by Rosseti CEO Andrey Ryumin and NES Uzbekistan Chairman of the Board Dadajon Isakulov, focused on various issues related to power equipment operation, the integration of modern Russian technologies, and the utilization of energy storage systems in the power output configurations of wind and solar power plants, with consideration given to Uzbekistan's expertise in this field. The gathering served as a follow-up to a previously established agreement between the two companies.


"Rosseti Group and JSC National Grids of Uzbekistan are steadily strengthening their collaboration, grounded in shared industry traditions and a unified engineering ethos. The deployment of state-of-the-art digital systems, the application of innovative advancements, and the efficient integration of renewable energy installations, which significantly impact grid operation modes, may constitute new focal points of our partnership," Ryumin remarked, as quoted by the company.


Additionally, the meeting explored potential areas of cooperation, including the development of highly skilled personnel for the power industry and the testing and certification of equipment utilizing the resources of Rosseti Group's scientific and technical centers.


Rosseti stands as one of the world's largest electric grid companies, boasting 43 subsidiaries and affiliates, which encompass 16 distribution grid companies. Notable entities within the group include Rosseti Center, Rosseti Center and Volga Region, Rosseti Moscow Region, and Rosseti Lenenergo, among others.



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Photo: Federation Council

Based on materials from TASS