Russia Intends to Establish Industrial Parks in Tajikistan

14 May

The Russian-Tajik Business Council (RTBC) and several Russian companies will sign agreements to establish joint industrial parks in Tajikistan. The signing ceremony will take place during the XV International Economic Forum "Russia - Islamic World: KazanForum," as reported by the RTBC leadership to TASS.


"On May 17, within the forum, a Council meeting will be held, resulting in the signing of cooperation agreements between the RTBC, JSC 'Khimgrad,' JSC 'Development Corporation of the Middle Urals,' and the Association of Industrial Parks of Russia. These agreements aim to support the creation of joint industrial parks in Tajikistan, establish effective communication between experts and business representatives, and expand the presence of Russian businesses in Tajikistan," said a representative.


The meeting, chaired by RTBC Chairman Islam Nazaraliyev, will be attended by representatives from the economic and industrial ministries of both Russia and Tajikistan, as well as the chambers of commerce and industry of both countries. The participants will discuss industrial cooperation, including aspects of localizing Russian companies' production in Tajikistan, implementing joint projects in energy, transportation, banking, and infrastructure initiatives. Additionally, the agenda includes issues of workforce training for industrial organizations and the creation of vocational training centers in Tajikistan.


Previously, Sherali Kabir, Tajikistan's Minister of Industry and New Technologies, mentioned that discussions are underway with Russia to establish a technopark in Dushanbe, similar to the Khimgrad Technopolis in Kazan. He also noted that a roadmap has been signed with the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade to support the creation of technoparks in Tajikistan.


Khimgrad Technopolis is a modern Russian industrial park established in 2006 in Kazan. It spans 131 hectares and hosts small and medium-sized businesses.



GSV "Russia - Islamic World"

Photo: Federation Council

Based on materials from TASS