Russian Foreign Ministry: Central Asian Countries Recognize the Risks of Joining Sanctions Against Russia

14 May

Central Asian countries are aware of the risks and potential damage from aligning with the West and joining anti-Russian sanctions, stated Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Galuzin at the opening of the IV Central Asian Conference of the Valdai International Discussion Club.


"We are convinced that the capitals of Central Asia understand all the risks and potential damage from excessive rapprochement with the West, following its directives, and joining anti-Russian restrictions," noted the Deputy Minister.


He emphasized that Russia's Central Asian partners are promised multimillion-dollar investments and expanded access for their goods to Western markets, "while simultaneously being required to strictly adhere to initially illegal and inherently futile anti-Russian restrictions under the threat of so-called secondary sanctions."


"I am confident that the leadership of Central Asia clearly understands the dangers and challenges that the policy of the collective West may conceal. The strategic calculation of our adversaries is obvious - it is to sow discord between Russia and the Central Asian republics, to disrupt their relations. Apparently, across the ocean and in Brussels, they naively believe that the countries of Central Asia will not resist such Western expansion," Galuzin concluded.



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Photo: picknicker54/Pixabay

Based on materials from TASS