Russian Grain Accounts for One Third of UAE's Imports, Says Trade Representative

25 April

Russian Trade Representative to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Andrey Terekhin, reported that Russian grain makes up 30-35% of the total volume of grain imports to the UAE. Terekhin spoke to journalists on the sidelines of the annual international business forum "World of Opportunities," organized by Synergy Corporation and supported by the Roscongress Foundation.


"One of the most crucial aspects is the supply of Russian agricultural products and foodstuffs to the UAE. Due to its natural conditions, the Emirates heavily rely on imported food, which accounts for 90% of its consumption. This creates opportunities for our agricultural exports. Russia is the largest grain exporter, with its share in the UAE's total grain imports being around 30-35%," Terekhin said.


Terekhin added that the UAE is Russia's largest trade partner among Middle Eastern countries. Over the past few years, the trade turnover between the two nations has multiplied, reaching nearly $11 billion by the end of 2023.


The trade representative also noted that the UAE is the largest producer and exporter of oil and gas, with the industry accounting for 30% of its GDP. "This presents opportunities for Russian oil and gas equipment manufacturers. Amid import substitution, our oil and gas equipment manufacturers have made significant progress, and there is demand for their products," Terekhin stated.



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Photo: $uraj tripathi/Pixabay

Based on materials from TASS