Turkey says it is negotiating new gas supplies, including with Russia

21 September

Turkey is discussing signing new gas supply contracts with different countries, including Russia, Turkish deputy energy minister Alparslan Bayraktar told reporters on the sidelines of the Gastech international conference.

"This year will be very difficult for all of us. But we are on good terms with our current suppliers, such as Azerbaijan and Russia. We are discussing new supply volumes, new contracts, because some contracts, for example with Gazprom, expire at the end of the year. We are discussing contracts with Russia, as well as new contracts with other countries," he said.

In addition, the deputy minister added that Turkey expects to conclude a long-term agreement on gas transit with Russia as soon as possible.

According to Bayraktar, Turkey is also holding talks on possible deliveries of liquefied natural gas to the country. At the same time, he noted that when supplying from Russia, priority is given to pipeline gas.



GSV "Russia - Islamic World"

Photo: Creative Commons

Based on materials from TASS