Zakharova: Moscow and Dakar Will Elevate Cooperation to a New Level under Senegal's New Leader

25 April

Russia is confident that under the new president of Senegal, Diomaye Faye, the relationship between Moscow and Dakar will reach new heights. This statement was made by the official spokesperson of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Maria Zakharova, during a briefing.


"We are confident that under the new leadership of the republic, the mutually beneficial cooperation between Russia and Senegal will continue to develop progressively and reach a new level," noted Zakharova, responding to a question about the prospects for cooperation between the countries after the presidential elections in the republic. The diplomat emphasized that Russia maintains traditionally friendly relations with Senegal.


"We respect the sovereign choice of the Senegalese people," continued Zakharova. "It is evident that with this figure, the Senegalese people are hopeful for a better future, positive changes in political, socio-economic, and humanitarian spheres."


The official representative of the foreign ministry also pointed out that Moscow has noted the intentions of Senegal's new leader to carry out reforms, including those affecting relations with major foreign partners, including EU countries. "Tendencies towards fundamental changes are gaining momentum in Africa. We also see this," she added. "Africans are taking their destiny more confidently into their own hands; they are rejecting their post-colonial past and confidently asserting their future as the future of sovereign independent countries, free countries, and such aspirations deserve all possible support."


Diomaye Faye won the presidential elections held in Senegal on March 24, securing 54.25% of the votes in the first round. On March 29, Senegal's Constitutional Council declared him the country's new president after none of the other 18 losing candidates appealed against the conduct and results of the elections.


Faye included in his pre-election program a commitment to strengthen Senegal's sovereignty through the renewal of state institutions. He also proposed introducing the country's own currency instead of the West African CFA franc, which is partially controlled by the Bank of France and is currently in circulation in eight West African states.



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Photo: Russian Foreign Ministry

Based on materials from TASS