Nomination for King Faisal Prize Open

01 September 2022

Riyadh, Sept. 1

The General Secretariat of King Faisal Prize announced the opening for submission of nominations to win the 46th edition of the award's five categories in 2024.

Secretary General of King Faisal Prize Dr. Abdulaziz Alsebail pointed out that the prize committees annually decide the scientific subject of each of its 4-categories.

• Islamic Studies: "Islamic Legislations and Their Contemporary Applications"
• Arabic Language and Literature: "Non-Arab Institutions and Their Endeavors to Promote Arabic"
• Medicine: "Management of Peripheral Disabilities"
• Science: "Biology"

For Service to Islam is an appreciation (recognition) award, will be accorded to any pioneer role played to serve Islam and Muslims, either intellectually, scientifically, socially, or through various workings, several activities, programs, and projects (enterprises) with a positive impact on the Muslim community.

Nominations are accepted from universities, scientific institutions, and research centers. The declared period for nomination is 7-month, with a deadline set by 31 March 2023. Nominations are received via airmail, e-mail and website. For more information on nominations and conditions, visit the website link.

It is worthy to note that the King Faisal Prize, which was awarded for the first time in 1979, was received by 282 scientists of 44 nationalities, 21 of whom went on to receive the Nobel Prize.