What does One Need to Know about the Muslim Holy Book, the Quran?

28 June 2021


Each of the three Abrahamic religions has its own scripture. Christians have the Bible, Jews have the Torah and Muslims have the Quran. Nowadays, despite the abundance of available information, which can be obtained by any means, there are still many questions about the Quran, its structure and the way it was sent to people. We have compiled the top questions and will try to answer them together with you.


1. Why is the Quran important?


The Quran is the Holy Scripture of Muslims, handed down directly by the Creator. This is the speech of the Creator, which is guidance for all mankind.


‘This perfect Book, the Quran, which is Our Guidance, admits no doubt that it was sent down by Allah and is imbued with the spirit of truth leading to verity; the Quran is guidance for the God-fearing and the pious’ (surah Al-Baqara, ayat 2).


2. Why is the Quran written in the Arabic language?


The Quran was written in the Arabic language because this is the language that was revealed to Prophet Muhammad over 1400 years ago. Prophet Muhammad was fluent in the Arabic language. In addition to it, Arabic is a beautiful, deep and very poetic language.


3. Why is the Quran chanted?


The Quran is read, not chanted. It is not composed of lyrics, but of verses revealed by the Almighty. There is a whole science dedicated to recitation of Quran and how certain sounds and letters should be pronounced, where they should be stretched out and where one should make pauses.


Listening to recitation of the Quran in the Arabic language pacifies and has a beneficial effect on our heart. Umar, one of the first companions of the Prophet, changed his mind about Islam just after he heard the sound of the Holy Scripture.


4. What does the word Quran mean?


The word Quran comes from the Arabic root which means ‘to read’. Linguistically, it means ‘the most readable’. This in itself is a miracle because when the Quran was sent down, the first Muslims did not yet know that it would become the most readable and quoted book.


There are also many other names, such as Al-Kitaab (Book), Al-Furqan (Criterion) and Al-Lauh Al-Mahfuz (Preserved Tablet).


5. Is the Quran the Bible?


Muslims believe that both the Bible (in its original form) and the Quran are revelations of God. Their texts have much in common, including the concept of monotheism, history of the Prophets, moral values and deeds. Just as the Bible is religious scripture for Christians, the Quran is sacred to Muslims.


The Quran is not the Bible. This is the final revelation of our Creator, which corrects any errors and deviations from the truth and the original text that have appeared in previous scriptures due to human intervention.


6. Is the Quran read from right to left?


Yes, the Quran is read from right to left because it is written in the Arabic language.


7. Is the Quran the Creator’s words?


Yes, the Quran is the word of the Creator. This is the Sacred Scripture, which Allah sent down to mankind to correct all previous misunderstandings and deviations, preserving this Book till the end of time.


‘Verily, We – We have sent down the Reminder, and verily We are indeed guarding it (from any changes, additions and reductions’ (surah Al-Hijr, ayat 9).


8. Where does the Quran begin?


The Quran begins with surah Al-Fatihah (‘The Opener’), which consists of very important ayats that are repeated by millions of Muslims around the entire world every day.


Surah Al-Fatihah is repeated in each of the five prayers. In terms of the minimum requirements for namaz, this surah is read 17 times. It tells how to praise the Almighty and ask Him to guide you on the straight path.


‘In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful! All praise is due (only) to Allah, Lord of the worlds, Lord of all creation. Merciful (to all His creatures in this world), (and) Merciful (only unto those who believe on the Day of Judgment), (the Only) King of the Day of Recompense! Ruler. (Only) You we worship and (only) to You we turn for help (in what only You can do)! Lead (You) us by the Straight Path, the Path of those whom You have bestowed good, (not) by those who are under (Your) wrath, and not (the path) of the wayward’ (surah Al-Fatihah, ayats 1-7).


9. What does the Quran say about Isa (Jesus)?


Muslims believe that Isa is one of the Creator’s most beloved prophets. His history is mentioned several times in the Quran, in which he is called Isa ibn Maryam, or Jesus, son of Mary.


The Quran mentions his miraculous birth, as well as his ability to speak from birth. Following the ayats telling how he defended his mother’s chastity, surah Maryam follows: ‘This is Isa, the son of Maryam, according to the word of truth in which they doubt. This is what he is; Jews and Christians. It is not befitting for Allah to take unto Himself a son. Blessed be He! When He decides a thing, He only says unto it: ‘Be!’ – and it comes true. He needs nobody and nothing; He is infallible of such; If He had wished to have a son, He would have created him only by one word. And (Prophet Isa) said (to his people): ‘Verily Allah is my Lord and your Lord: so worship Him, this is (the very) straight path!’ (surah Maryam, ayats 34-36).



Ilmira Gafiyatullina

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