Expert: Iran's Attack on Consulate in Damascus Justified by Israel's Actions

26 April

Amina Khan, Director of the Center for the Study of Afghanistan, Middle East, and Africa at the Institute for Strategic Studies in Islamabad, believes that Iran's response to Israel's attack on its consulate in Damascus was justified. In a conversation with a TASS correspondent, Khan stated, "Tel Aviv is attempting to draw Tehran into a prolonged conflict. Iran has demonstrated strategic patience, but the attack on the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) consulate in Damascus necessitated a response based on the principles of self-defense."


Khan highlighted that Pakistan's stance on the exchange of airstrikes between Iran and Israel is clear. Islamabad condemned the Israeli air force attack, describing it as "reckless," and recognized the legitimacy of Tehran's retaliatory strike.


The expert further noted that Pakistan has consistently criticized Israel's actions in the Gaza Strip and will continue to support the Palestinian cause until the Israeli-Palestinian issue is resolved and a separate state is established for the Palestinian people.



GSV "Russia - Islamic World"

Based on materials from TASS