Expert: Putin and Xi Jinping's meeting signals end of US bipolar hegemony

22 March 2023

Talks between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping in Moscow show that the US bipolar hegemony is coming to an end, Aydin Sezer, a Turkish political scientist and economist and former Turkish trade representative to Russia, told TASS.


"Xi Jinping and Putin's messages about a multipolar world order show that the course of historical development is irreversible. US bipolar hegemony is coming to an end. This is especially evident in the policies of Russia and China in Central Asia and the Middle East," the expert said.


Sezer recalled that "Xi Jinping's visit comes at a time when the West is trying to isolate Russia." "We know that the same West seeks to marginalize China. In this regard, Xi Jinping's visit has important messages not only for China-Russia relations, but also for international politics. I officially call it 'a challenge to the West'," he stressed.


The Chinese president arrived in Moscow on March 20 and the state visit will last until March 22. This is Xi Jinping's first overseas trip since being re-elected as Chinese President for a third five-year term. On Monday, the Chinese head of state had an informal meeting and dinner with Putin. The Chinese leader invited his Russian counterpart to visit China this year. On March 21, the two leaders also held talks and issued a joint statement on their results.



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Photo: official website of the President of the Russian Federation

Based on materials from TASS