Lebanon Strives to Halt Israeli Aggression in the South

05 June

The Lebanese government is making concerted efforts to de-escalate tensions along its southern border and restore the ceasefire as per UN Security Council Resolution 1701. This was stated by Prime Minister Najib Mikati in a message posted on the Telegram channel of his press office.


"Prime Minister Najib Mikati is engaging in diplomatic efforts to halt the ongoing Israeli aggression in southern Lebanon," the statement reads. Mikati asserts that the rumors of an imminent large-scale Israeli attack are intended to pressure Lebanon.


The press office emphasizes that reports in some media outlets suggesting that Beirut had received warnings from foreign partners about a possible Israeli attack "do not correspond to reality."


Earlier, the press attaché of the British embassy in Beirut refuted claims made by local newspaper Al-Akhbar that London had allegedly advised the Mikati government “to take deterrent measures to avoid an Israeli invasion.” “The United Kingdom has not sent any diplomatic messages to the Lebanese authorities indicating that Israel will conduct a major military operation in mid-June,” said the British diplomat, as quoted by Lebanon 24.


The Times of Israel reported on June 4 about the visit of the Chief of General Staff of the Israel Defense Forces, Herzi Halevi, to the Lebanese-Israeli border area. Halevi held an operational meeting during which he stated that Israeli troops were "ready for offensive action on the Lebanese side."



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Photo: Xevi V/Creative Commons 2.0

Based on materials from TASS