Media: normalization of relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran is defeat for US

16 March 2023


The agreement to normalize relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran, reached with the participation of China, was a stunning defeat for US President Joe Biden's administration. American Thinker columnist Thomas Lifson offered this assessment.

"The shocking news that China has convinced two sworn enemies <...> to resume diplomatic relations has been a stunning defeat for America that undermines its diplomatic influence in the Middle East and the world," the author writes. "If Saudi Arabia can no longer be considered a credible ally to rely on to deter <...> Iran while building relations with Israel, then all [US] calculations about the balance of power in the Middle East have failed," Lifson states.

According to him, the prestige of the US on the world stage has fallen noticeably, although "the propaganda media are doing everything they can to make sure that Americans don't realize it." "China's triumph in the Middle East, which has diminished US influence as a weighty player, has been a significant, if not the main, sign of the disaster to which [Joe] Biden's presidency has led," the author writes.

On March 10, Tasnim reported on Iran and Saudi Arabia's agreement to restore diplomatic relations and plans to open embassies within two months. From March 6 to 10, Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council Ali Shamkhani and Saudi Arabia's Minister of State for National Security Musaid bin Mohammed al-Aiban held talks in Beijing, which resulted in the adoption of a trilateral statement. It states that Tehran and Riyadh are committed to the principles of sovereignty and non-interference in each other's internal affairs and plan to resume cooperation in the areas of trade, economy, culture, science and technology.



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