Nebenzya says Russia supports early restart of inter-Syrian talks in Geneva

28 September 2021


Russia favors an early restart of direct inter-Syrian talks in Switzerland but is against the imposition of artificial deadlines, Russian permanent representative to the United Nations Vasily Nebenzya said at a Security Council meeting on Tuesday.

"We are counting on an early restart of direct inter-Syrian dialogue in Geneva. It is extremely important that this process remains led and carried out by the Syrians themselves without outside interference and without imposing artificial deadlines, with neutral UN mediation," he said.

Terrorists in Syria's Idlib province have recently shelled government forces 760 times, he said.

"The situation on the ground in Syria remains difficult. However, in early September, the Syrian army, with the support of Russian military specialists, managed to peacefully resolve the situation in Daraa governorate, in particular around the suburb of Daraa al-Balad, where there has been a serious escalation of tension since late May," he said. - "Terrorists in Idlib are trying to exploit the instability in the south," he said. More than 760 shellings of government forces' positions have been recorded in the past month alone, resulting in several dozens of wounded Syrian servicemen."

Nebenzya said that Russia urged to stop politicizing the Syrian humanitarian dossier.

"The humanitarian situation in the country also remains stubbornly grave. We believe it's urgent to stop politicizing the Syrian humanitarian dossier and to establish UN-led humanitarian assistance to all Syrians in compliance with the basic principles set out in General Assembly resolution 46/182," he said. - "Against this background, the issue of easing Western sanctions against Syria, which, as all international experts agree, only increases the suffering of ordinary Syrians, is no less urgent".



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Photo: Zuma \ TASS

Based on materials from TASS