Russia Expresses Grave Concerns Over Red Sea Situation Linked to Gaza Violence

04 January

Russia's permanent representative to the UN Vasily Nebenzya, speaking at a Security Council meeting, voiced serious concerns about the escalating situation in the Red Sea, drawing a direct connection to the ongoing violence in the Gaza Strip.


"The issue of ensuring freedom of navigation in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden is developing alarmingly, not in isolation. It's evident that the events in the Red Sea directly mirror the violence in Gaza, where Israel's aggressive operation has persisted for three months," Nebenzya stated, highlighting the broader escalation in other occupied Palestinian territories and along the Israel-Lebanon border.


He underscored Russia's profound concerns regarding "the situation in the Red Sea waters." "The trade routes traversing this region serve as a vital artery for international trade, playing a pivotal role in upholding the stability and prosperity of the global economy. Ensuring free and safe navigation in this area is crucial for the sustainable delivery of not just commercial goods but also humanitarian aid. This is particularly critical for extending assistance to numerous countries facing challenging socio-economic conditions, including Yemen itself," Nebenzya stated.


"We strongly condemn attacks on civilian vessels, as they not only jeopardize the freedom and safety of navigation but also pose significant threats to the lives and well-being of sailors. Furthermore, such attacks escalate the already heightened instability in the region. We urge the leadership of the Ansar Allah movement to cease any actions that may endanger commercial vessels and their crews in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden. We call for restraint and a demonstration of responsible behavior," he expressed.


The diplomat emphasized the importance of the movement adhering to the principles of navigation safety, stating, "We insist on the immediate release of the Galaxy Leader vessel and its crew."


The situation escalated after the Houthis, following the Gaza conflict escalation, threatened to strike Israeli territory and block associated ships in the Red Sea and the Bab el-Mandeb Strait until the Gaza operation concludes.


Since mid-November, several vessels in the Red Sea have been attacked from Ansar Allah-controlled territory, including the seizure of the Galaxy Leader with over 20 crew members. In response, the US announced Operation Prosperity Guardian to ensure freedom of navigation, with participation from Bahrain, Canada, Denmark, France, Great Britain, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Seychelles, Spain, and the United Kingdom.



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Photo: Defense-Imagery/Pixabay

Based on materials from TASS