Russian MFA: Russia and China Share Close Positions on Korean Peninsula and Middle East Situations

04 April

Russia and China have aligned positions concerning the situations unfolding on the Korean Peninsula and in the Middle East. This was emphasized in a statement from the Russian Foreign Ministry following consultations in Beijing between Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Vershinin and Assistant Foreign Minister of China Miao Deyu.


"The discussions covered various global and regional matters, including the Middle East settlement and the dynamics surrounding the Korean Peninsula," - stated the ministry. - "Both parties acknowledged the convergence of their approaches to these issues and reaffirmed their shared principled stance in favor of resolving crisis situations firmly based on international law."


The interlocutors delved into diverse aspects of coordination between Moscow and Beijing within the United Nations, particularly within the Security Council and the General Assembly. "They hailed the robust collaboration in this domain, which aligns perfectly with the comprehensive partnership and strategic interaction between the two nations, ushering in a new era," highlighted the Russian Foreign Ministry. "The focal point was on the UN reform, notably in anticipation of the 'Summit of the Future' scheduled for September 22-23 in New York." These reforms aim to "enhance the organization's authority and efficacy while upholding its intergovernmental essence and pivotal role in global affairs, grounded on the broadest consensus among member states."


Additionally, both sides underscored the significant potential of the Group of Friends in defending the UN Charter. Their efforts are directed towards "cultivating a fair and balanced multipolar world order, and safeguarding the objectives and principles encapsulated in the organization's founding document in their entirety and interconnectedness." The senior diplomats advocated for an upsurge in the group's activities.



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Photo: Russian Foreign Ministry

Based on materials from TASS