Russian MFA: Western Media Instruct Coverage on Crocus City Hall Attack

08 April

 Western authorities have instructed the media not to report the true extent of the terrorist attack in Crocus City Hall, the Russian MFA wrote its Telegram channel.


"The inadmissibility of demonstrating sympathy and humanism towards the Russian people was noted. A categorical instruction was given not to cover in the media the true scale of the tragedy: not to mention the number of victims of the terrorist attack, dead children, or to exclude the demonstration of the reaction of ordinary citizens to what happened," the message states.


The diplomatic department noted that "within hours after the tragic events, without waiting for the interim results of the investigation, the Western media, officials of the White House, the UK, and the EU, against the backdrop of unambiguous international condemnation of the terrorist action, immediately organized a PR campaign to deny the involvement of the Ukrainian security services in this crime."


"The editors of leading Western publications were given specific instructions to consolidate in the information space their own version of the events surrounding the terrorist attack in Krasnogorsk about the involvement of the ISIS group in its organization, to deny the links between the Islamists and the Ukrainian government or Western special services, to discredit the results of the investigation, and to promote various conspiracy theories about the involvement of Russian special services," the ministry added.



GSV "Russia - Islamic World"

Photo: Akishin Vyacheslav/Creative Commons 2.0

Based on materials from TASS