The UN Security Council has condemned the rebellion in Mali and called for the release of the country's President

20 August 2020


The UN Security Council has called on military rebels in Mali to immediately release the arrested officials and return to their military units, a statement issued on Tuesday by the Council following an emergency meeting on the situation in Mali reads.



"Members of the Security Council expressed deep concern about the latest developments in Mali," the document says. "They strongly condemned the plot that took place on August 18 in the Malian city of Kati and led to the arrest of the President of the Republic, the Prime Minister and several members of the government by the rebels."



The Security Council called on the rebels to "immediately release the detained officials without harming them and return to their military units themselves". "The members of the Council also stressed the urgent need to restore legal and constitutional order in the country," the statement reads.


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Photo: Bebeto Matthews / AP / TASS

Based on materials from TASS