Expert Criticizes US Double Standards towards Russia and Israel

08 May

Peter Kuznick, Director of American University Nuclear Studies Institute, has voiced criticism of the United States' inconsistent treatment of Russia and Israel, asserting that such actions portray the US poorly and isolate it on the global stage. In a discussion with a TASS correspondent on Tuesday following Russian President Vladimir Putin's inauguration speech, Kuznick highlighted the perceived hypocrisy of US policies.


"There are factions within the US and NATO that seem indifferent to Ukrainian casualties if it serves to weaken Russia, and they do not hesitate to express this sentiment openly. However, there is also growing weariness with perpetual conflict. The United States' condemnation of Russia while simultaneously supporting Israel only undermines its credibility, leaving it appearing feeble, ineffectual, and increasingly isolated worldwide," he emphasized. Moreover, Kuznick suggested that such a stance from the Washington administration could hamper US President Joe Biden's chances of reelection in November.


According to Kuznick, the ongoing anti-Russian rhetoric will not contribute to resolving the conflict in Ukraine. "As long as American and European hardliners continue to promote the unfounded notion that Russia's defeat in Ukraine is paramount to prevent further territorial encroachment into Europe, diplomatic resolutions will remain elusive," he stated. Kuznick also warned that the continued Ukrainian conflict heightens global instability with each passing day.


Earlier on Tuesday, Putin delivered his inauguration speech, outlining Russia's priorities, including the preservation of its cultural heritage and fostering partnerships with other major nations worldwide. Putin emphasized Russia's willingness to engage in dialogue on security and strategic stability, but stressed the importance of approaching such discussions with humility and on equal footing, devoid of arrogance or exclusivity.



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Photo: Angelique Johnson/Pixabay

Based on materials from TASS